Giorgia Romagnoli

Associate Professor of Economics

University of Amsterdam


Roetersstraat 11, 1018 WB Amsterdam

Office E7.32



I envision a way of teaching Economics that places the main challenges of today, from climate change to issues of social justice and rising inequalities, at the center of our curricula. I welcome experimentation with a more diverse array of teaching methods, some of which see students working towards the solution of real-world problems and developing argumentative skills jointly with analytical ones. 

Relatedly, I believe that a culture of excellence and constant innovation should characterize academic teaching as much as it does research. This means creating a system that selects, retains, measures and rewards good teachers. Unfortunately, such a system is largely non-existent in today's academia. One of my main commitments is to work towards the professionalization of academic teachers and the recognition of their value in society.

An ongoing and broad conversation on these themes is paramount. Students and academics engaged in these matters are very welcome to contact me.


Fall 2024  

Sustainability in Economics and Business (MSc)

All teaching material is on Canvas

January 2025  

Climate Change Economics (MSc)

All teaching material is on Canvas