Giorgia Romagnoli

Associate Professor of Economics

University of Amsterdam


Roetersstraat 11, 1018 WB Amsterdam

Office E7.32


Interviews about my research:

On morality in markets

On transparency in pharmaceutical markets

Working papers 

Should individuals choose their own incentives? Evidence from a mindfulness meditation intervention (with Andrej Woerner, Birgit Probst, Nina Bartmann, Jonathan Cloughesy and Jan Willem Lindemans)

accepted at Management Science


Fostering trust: When the rhetoric of sharing can backfire  (with Simona Cicognani and Ivan Soraperra)

Journal of Economic Psychology (June 2024, Volume 102)

Morals in multi-units markets (with Theo Offerman and Andreas Ziegler)

Journal of the European Economic Association (January 2024, Volume 22, Issue 1)

Price information, inter-village networks and ‘bargaining spillovers’: Experimental evidence from Ghana (with Nicole Hildebrandt, Yaw Nyarko and Emilia Soldani)  

Journal of Development Economics (September 2023, Volume 164)

Paying for inattention (with Ala Avoyan)

Economics Letters (May 2023, Volume 226)

Why are open ascending auctions popular? The role of information aggregation and behavioral biases (with Theo Offerman and Andreas Ziegler)

Quantitative Economics  (May 2022, Volume 13, Issue 2)

Belief elicitation when more than money matters: Controlling for "Control" (with Jean-Pierre Benoît and Juan Dubra)

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (August 2022, Vol. 14 No. 3)


Affordable prices without threatening the oncological R&D pipeline - An economic experiment on transparency in price negotiations (with Nora Franzen, Andreas Ziegler, Valeska Retèl, Theo Offerman and Wim van Harten)

Cancer Research Communications (January 2022, 2 (1): 49–57)

Improving the affordability of anticancer medicines demands evidence-based policy solutions (with Nora Franzen, Andreas Ziegler, Valeska Retèl, Theo Offerman and Wim van Harten)

Cancer Discovery (February 2022, 12:1–4)

Work in progress

Status Quo Bias under uncertainty: An experimental study (with Amnon Maltz) 

Testing the separation of tastes and beliefs (with Veronica Cappelli and Fabio Maccheroni)

Other publications

Behavioral interventions to improve home-based office-workers health (with Nina Bartmann, Jonathan N. Cloughesy, Birgit M. Probst, Andrej Woerner)

Trends in Psychology (January 2022, volume 31)