Giorgia Romagnoli

Associate Professor of Economics

University of Amsterdam


Roetersstraat 11, 1018 WB Amsterdam

Office E7.29


NEW: I am back from maternity leave!

NEW: Workshop on climate policy: Inequality, fairness, and public acceptance

September 9-10, 2024

University of Amsterdam

Registrations are open.

I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam, a Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, and a member of CREED.

I am committed to working towards the sustainable future of our planet, and coordinate the Sustainability Track of the MSc in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam.

I do research in Behavioral and Experimental Economics. My recent focus is on understanding how the design of market institutions affects the ethics and pro-sociality of our decisions. 

I am also a lecturer which is an honor and the most fulfilling part of my job.

You can find my curriculum vitae here.